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• Big Shot Launcher •
How To Attach The Rubber Band
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•Wing Folding and Launching
Video Tutorial•


Spin Copter uses the highest quality materials for sturdy, strong, and durable wings. Follow these simple instructions to get your

Spin Copters flying at their optimal heights!

  1. Turn the light to the ON position if folding at night.

  2. Pull the wing back until you can see the black "Fold Here" lines printed on the Spin Copter wings. Use both of your thumbs and forefingers to fold on the black lines. Fold the bottom, slanted line first. You do not need to fold strongly along these lines to start, medium pressure is best. After folding the slanted line, fold the top horizontal line. Give this a good firm fold.

  3. Repeat for the other wing. 

  4. You want your wings to look like the letter ' Y ' when you are done (see photo below). Since our wings are of the highest quality, you can readjust them after the initial fold to form the letter Y shape. To do this, simply run your thumbs and forefingers up the Spin Copter's wings and it will create the desired shape. Adjust and readjust as necessary.

  5. You are now ready to "LIGHT UP THE NIGHT".  Hold the Lightning Launcher or Big Shot Launcher in one hand and point it at the sky. (Lightning Launcher has a flat surface near the rubber band for your thumb)

  6. In your other hand, hold the Spin Copter by the round handle or by the end of the wings and make sure the light is facing away from your body (opposite side from the rubber band and launcher). This is VERY important. Failure to do so could result in serious injury to your fingers or body. 

  7. Hook the Spin Copter on the rubber band and pull it straight down using the round disk or for even greater heights, pinch the yellow section of wings and pull down from there (more aerodynamic). The harder you pull down, the higher the copter will go! If you flick your wrist a bit while shooting you will also gain distance. A Spin Copter that is folded correctly and is launched with these tips can reach heights up to 150 to 200 feet!

  8. If it is windy, make sure you launch in the direction of the wind. Our high quality wings are designed to work in wind and come sailing right back to you once you find the correct launching angle . You will amaze your friends when they see this happen!

  9. NEVER, EVER shoot your Spin Copter at anything other than the sky. Adult supervision is strongly recommended for anyone under the age of 8 years old. It is always best to use Spin Copters in open areas away from trees and rooftops.

An example of a Spin Copter ready to light up the night.

Spin Copter LED Slingshot Copter
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